Kids Save Lives. Sri Lanka

This project on training school children in CPR was initiated by the ERC (European Resuscitation Council) and ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) together with European Patient Safety Foundation (EuPFF) and World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO endorsed “Kids Save Lives” project in 2015. Mandatory CPR training of school children is carried out in most Scandinavian and European countries and it is evident that training of school children has the highest impact for improving bystander CPR rates.

Since schools present a captive audience, we believe that training school children above the age of 12 years will enable to train all citizens in this life-saving procedure. Learning CPR and performing it has a two-fold gain. It will help school children to realize the altruism associated with such social acts and become responsible adults in future while saving a life of another fellow citizen of the country.

“Kids Save Lives – Sri Lanka” was launched on 16th October 2019 at the World Restart Heart Day event in Colombo. Mrs Renuka Balasooriya, who is well-known for her children films is the ambassador for this project. With this, the Resuscitation Council of the College of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka has conducted bystander CPR in several schools. We also plan to introduce bystander CPR to the school curriculum and implement this nationwide.